Practice related the acquisition and protection of intellectual property in our firm includes transactions with trademarks, software, music and audio-visual products and other creative works. The demand for legal services in this area is consistently high, due to the large number of infringements of copyright and author`s rights in Ukraine.

Our lawyers have provided legal services to the leading companies of Ukraine in a sphere of development, protection and exploitation of intellectual property. Our firm has gained an extensive legal experience in challenging the illegal application of trademarks, distribution of counterfeit products (audio-video products, computer software), and illegal public viewing/screening of audio-visual works.

Our services:
  • drafting of the agreements relating to the transfer of intellectual property, including licensing agreements, copyright agreements, sales contracts and franchising;
  • legal support of the enforcement of contracts relating to the transfer of intellectual property;
  • drafting of confidentiality agreements and bylaws;
  • legal protection against infringements of copyright and related rights;
  • representation in cases brought against commercial counterfeiting, as well as related to the protection of trademarks, copyright and related rights;
  • registration of trademarks, including the international registration under the Madrid Agreement;
  • patenting of inventions, utility models and industrial designs;
  • full range of services aimed at the sustaining of registration documents issued for intellectual (industrial) property.