Commercial practice is one of the main parts of the complex of services designed for our clients. Our lawyers, practicing in this area, cooperate with the specialists of other areas of law including our tax specialists to guarantee comprehensive analysis of a problem. We are positive that the thorough preparation is key in securing a successful outcome of the prospective contract, whereas prompt identification of weak points during the early stages of the negotiation helps our client to minimise future risks.

Our services:
  • analysis of legal risks pertained to the contracts ;
  • development of contractual schemes (in the distribution of goods, investment activity, including foreign investment and franchising);
  • state registration of foreign investments, as well as reinvestments;
  • registration of loan agreements between residents and non-residents as well as amendments thereto;
  • review and revision of business and civil contracts, including negotiation of their terms and conditions;
  • due diligence of contracts;
  • consultancy in international trade;
  • consultancy in international maritime law;
  • obtaining of licenses and permissions to conduct certain types of business activity.