The attorneys of our company provide qualified legal assistance in criminal cases in the field of economic, professional and professional activity. Lawyers have extensive experience in criminal cases involving abuse of office, negligence, bribery, abuse of office, tax evasion, fraud, etc.

The attorneys of our company provide legal protection of Clients at all stages of criminal proceedings. We advise managers and employees on criminal law issues, take part in audits of business activities, represent clients’ interests in law enforcement agencies and the court, develop a strategy for legal protection, provide legal opinions, collect evidence and challenge actions of law enforcement agencies.

Our services:
  • providing legal advice in the field of criminal law;
  • providing legal advice to officials, business executives,
  • institutions and organizations;
  • provision of services of a criminal defense lawyer;
  • analysis of the risks of criminal liability;
  • development of a legal strategy for protection against criminal prosecution (providing practical recommendations);
  • representation in law enforcement agencies;
  • participation in investigative (search) actions;
  • appeal of actions and decisions of law enforcement agencies;
  • representation of interests during litigation.