Stable business development directly depends on the effective staff structure and is impossible without a balanced legal registration of labor and organizational relations. Therefore, the issue of employment and the internal structure of the company is important at any stage of its development. Effective legal mechanisms for regulating labor relations will avoid many legal risks and ensure the reliability and success of the business.

Our services:
  • conducting a comprehensive personnel audit and developing recommendations for improving labor relations;
  • staff optimization and restructuring (legal support for staff reductions, changes in working conditions, etc.);
  • legalization of labor of foreign workers (consultations, obtaining permits for the employment of foreigners in Ukraine);
  • development of labor contracts, collective bargaining agreements, regulations, instructions of orders and other internal documents;
  • consultations on labor protection issues (development of local acts in the field of labor protection);
  • provision of legal opinions on labor issues (the lawfulness of bringing an employee to disciplinary liability, assessment of the judicial prospects for resolving a labor dispute);
  • labor disputes.