Land and real estate remain one of the most attractive investments. That is why it is an important area of our firm’s practice involving leading experts with outstanding backgrounds of handling real estate and land transactions and structuring of construction activity in Ukraine. We understand that investments in real estate are extremely important to our clients, therefore we offer a comprehensive legal analysis of the agreements in this field.

The professional level of our specialists allows us to structure a transaction in this area by considering various legal nuances and details and to reach toptimal solutions to any problem encountered with further implementation of such solution in life.

Our experts have gained extensive practical experience in handling complex and large-scale land transactions and real estate transactions, analysis of legal documents, assessment of legal risks and development of legal schemes in the construction business.

Our services:
  • drafting and handling of land and real estate transactions;
  • due diligence of title deeds related to the land and real estate;
  • legalisation of real estate and state registration of titles thereto;
  • assessment of transactional risks in real estate;
  • comprehensive legal support of construction projects;
  • comprehensive legal support of business after commissioning of real estate.