Law firm “Alexander Peremezhko and Partners” has successfully represented Anton Pankov in the case against LLC “D.I.A. Development ” concerning compensation of real and moral damage related to the use of the «RIVIERA RIVERSIDE» trademark and circulation of incorrect information on the website of inhabitants of house at Raisa Okipnoyi 18 in Kiev.

Disputing parties reached a settlement agreement, according to which LLC “D.I.A. Development ” abandoned its claim on recovery of real and moral damage from Anton Pankov. In its turn, Anton Pankov abandoned its counter claims. The terms of the settlement agreement were approved by the Appeal Court of the City Kyiv.

The lawsuit of LLC “D.I.A. Development ” against Anton Pankov has been widely discussed in the press due to the unprecedented amount of real and moral damage claimed for reimbursement. Thus, the Dnieper district court of the City Kyiv decided to recover from Anton Pankov UAH 14,161,438 of real damage and UAH 1,000,000 of moral damage, costs and court expenses.

The court of the first instance delivering the above judgment came to conclusion that Anton Pankov used the «RIVIERA RIVERSIDE» trademark without sufficient grounds and spreaded the incorrect information on the website of inhabitants of the house at 18 Raisa Okipna, Kyiv.

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