Inhabitants VS condominium “RAISA OKIPNA 18”

Law firm “Alexander Peremezhko and Partners” has successfully represented inhabitants of a luxury building at 18 Raisa Okipna Street, Kyiv, in the case against condominium “Raisa Okipna 18”.

This case was discussed in the media and had some resonance in the society because of the unprecedented sums of utility tariffs and fixed contribution in the amount of UAH 80,000.00 that should have been paid prior to entry of the apartment owner to the condominium.

After trying the civil case the Appeal Court of the City of Kyiv upheld the claim, invalidated the decision on establishing of condominium “Raisa Okipna 18” (as well as its articles of association) and ceased the condominium.

Currently, the building inhabitants have got possibilities to create their own condominium, fix all building maintenance issues and arrange provision of adequate level public services.

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